Welcome To Recycle USA, Inc., An Immaculate Metal Processing Facility
Specializing In the Processing Of Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals

What We Do


Aluminum Recycling
  1. Aluminum Cans Recycling
  2. Aluminum Sheet-Siding Recycling
  3. Turnings-Gouging’s Recycling
  4. Concrete Forms Recycling
  5. Extrusion Recycling
  6. Wheels Recycling
  7. Aluminum Dross Recycling
  8. Aluminum Cast Recycling

Automotive Cores

Automotive Cores Recycling
  1. Starters / Alternators Recycling
  2. Auto A/C Compressors Recycling
  3. Water Pump Industrial Recycling


Battery Recycling
  1. Lead Acid Batteries Recycling
  2. Steel Cased Recycling
  3. Industrial Recycling


Brass Recycling
  1. Red Brass Recycling
  2. Yellow Brass Recycling
  3. Brass Turnings Recycling
  4. Heater Cores Recycling
  5. Gear Brass Recycling
  6. Hard Brass Recycling


Copper Recycling
  1. Bare Bright Pipe / Wire Recycling
  2. #1 Copper Wire / Pipe Recycling
  3. Copper Turnings Recycling
  4. Copper Bearings Recycling
  5. Sheet Copper Recycling
  6. #2 Copper Recycling


Electronics Recycling
  1. Hard Drives Recycling
  2. Power Supplies Recycling
  3. Keyboards / Mice Recycling
  4. Computer Towers Recycling
  5. Plasma / LCD / Laptops Recycling
  6. Circuit Boards – High Grade & Low Grade Recycling
  7. Hard Drive Destruction ($5 Charge) Recycling

Ferrous Metals

Ferrous Metals Recycling
  1. Heavy Structural Iron Recycling
  2. Tin & Appliances Recycling
  3. Electric Motors Recycling
  4. Sealed Units Recycling
  5. Motor Blocks Recycling

Hi-Temp Alloys

Hi-Temp Alloys Recycling
  1. Stainless steel 304 /316
  2. Catalytic converters
  3. High speed tool steel
  4. Hastealloy
  5. Turnings
  6. Carbide
  7. Nickel

Insulated Wire

Insulated Wire Recycling
  1. Telecommunication Wire Recycling
  2. Extension Cords Recycling
  3. Mixed Gauges’ Recycling
  4. 350/500/750 MCM Recycling
  5. Aluminium Wire Recycling


Miscellaneous Recycling
  1. Lead Recycling
  2. Wheel Weights Recycling
  3. Transformers – Aluminium & Copper Recycling
  4. Neon Transformers Recycling
  5. Ballast Recycling
  6. Magnesium Recycling
  7. Zinc Recycling


Radiators Recycling
  1. Aluminium Copper Radiators Recycling
  2. Automobile Radiators Recycling
  3. Aluminium Radiators Recycling
  4. Aluminium – Copper Ends Recycling
  5. Aluminium Plastic Ends Recycling

Who We Are

 Locally owned and operated in Birmingham, Alabama, Recycle USA, Inc. is an immaculate metals recycler specializing in the processing of Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals servicing the Industrial, Commercial and Residential community since 1995. Read more

Meet The Owner

Tom Fisher, Owner Tom Fisher, owner operator, has over 30 years’ experience in the metals recycling industry. He prides himself with the companies support of the local community, environment, and is dedicated to ensuring legal and safe recycling practices. Tom is currently the Treasurer of the Alabama Recycling Association.