[INFOGRAPHIC] The Environmental Impact Of Gadgets Used By Students

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In this modern era of technology, gadgets like tablets and smart phones have become a need for every person, especially, students. It has become a basic need for their academic career. They believe that instead of making notes manually, they can do the job much better online via their devices. Regardless of the increase in usage of such gadgets, the major concern should be about how we can keep the technologies sustainable in fighting against all that electronic waste.

This infographic explains us the impact of recycling these digital devices, notebooks and tablets instead of just throwing them away. It is observed that in the United States, students are encouraged to use digital gadgets and the school staff is also convinced to use them along with the students. According to the statistics, if the students use and change the devices every 3 years, each student will use 4.3 devices in their 13 years academic career tenure. That makes 237.5 devices in totality, out of which 16.7 million gadgets being used by the teachers.

Students must take an initiative and recycle. Even by recycling one gadget out of all that they buy in their entire lifetime; they can make a huge impact of worth $331m. Almost 60% of the schools, who use electronic devices for the learning purpose, don’t have any afterlife plans for these gadgets. This issue must be addressed and acknowledged by the users and authorities alike.

If some of the electronic gadgets can’t be refurbished, then many parts can be recycled such as plastic, glass, or other elements used in their manufacturing. At least, in this way, we can make a difference by keeping our environment clean from all the destructive effects of the electronic devices.


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Links for Students

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Here are some great links that will engage children (and adults) to think about waste reduction and recycling and resource conservation.

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5 Tips for Teaching Your Children to go Green

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This post is sponsored by Direct Energy, but my support for their green efforts is all my own!

Teaching Your Children to go Green

1. Turn off the lights!  I’ll never forget how my dad taught me to turn off the lights when I was growing up. He would make sure I was totally involved in some activity, like Turn off the lights! homework or watching TV. He would stand by my room and yell across the house for me telling me to come quick because he had to show me something. The excitement in his voice would always make me come quick. As soon as I got there, he would simply say, “You left your light on.”

As frustrated as it would make me, I never forgot about that and now that is exactly how I hae been teaching my own kids about turning off their lights. It TOTALLY works!

2. Conserve water! My kids’ favorite part of our bedtime routine is brushing their teeth. Instead of letting the water run while brushing, we always make sure to only turn it on only as it’s needed. For our older kids, we try to teach them more about the length of their showers. Let’s face it, sometimes I have to remind myself about the appropriate length of my own showers!

3. Recycle! In our city, we have a specific recycle day and the city even gives us blue bags to use for all of our recycling products. My kids get excited when they know something doesn’t belong in the trash, but rather the recycling bag. Since paper, plastics, and aluminum can all be recycled, we tend to fill our bags up fairly quickly and it only adds to my kids’ excitement.

4. Lead by example! At the end of the day, your may not remember everything you said, but they are watching everything you do! Teach them by example.

5. Get their hands dirty! My kids love to play in dirt. I have two young boys, so sometimes dirt is their middle name! I like to make their time in the dirt a little bit more intentional by teaching them about planting things like plants and trees. They enjoy caring for their plants and I get to share with them why it’s important to plant new things!

Recycle USA, Inc. believes that we should all make a positive impact to the environment and that you don’t have to completely change your life in order to do so.

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