How kids can help solve the e-waste problem

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How many electronic gadgets does your family have?kids-recycle

What’s your favorite electronic gadget? An iPad? Video game? TV? How many gadgets does your family use? Would you believe that the average home has 24 electronic products!

Do you ever think about what happens to these gadgets when you are done with them? When you stop using them and are ready to dispose of these products, they are sometimes known as electronic waste, or “e-waste.”

What should we do with our old electronics?

Don’t trash them. First, we should never throw e-waste in the trash! Even the small stuff like phones or batteries shouldn’t go in the trash. There are some toxic (dangerous) chemicals in these products that don’t belong in the trash. It’s bad for our environment, plus it means throwing away valuable metals that can be recycled.

Pass them on for reuse. Sometimes you have something that still works, but you don’t use it any more. But somebody else might use it. The best thing to do is to give it to someone else who can keep using it (only if your parents say it’s ok.) If you don’t find a family member or friend who wants it, you can often donate it to a charity in your community.


Recycle them.   Recycle USA pays you top dollar for your unwanted electronics.

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Recycle USA FundraiserRecycle USA, Inc. understands the importance of actively participating in the Community.  Want us to come-up with fun creative and engaging ideas to raise money for your cause?  Want us to host and plan a fund-raising event using recycling to generate money for your organization?

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