How Much Does It Weigh?

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Washing Machine

How much does a washing machine weigh?

Washing machine weight depends on the manufacturer, washing capacity and whether it is a top-load or front-load model. Large-capacity, front-load washers vary in weight from 155 to 230 pounds, while medium-capacity, front-load machines average 180 pounds. Small-capacity front-loaders weigh in at 145 to 150 pounds.

Residential Laundry

The dimensions and mass of a residential laundry washing machine vary by make and manufacturer, but a standard washing machine weighs between 120 and 220 pounds.

Top-loading models typically weigh less than front-loading ones.

A top-loading washing machine by GE with 3.3 cubic feet of capacity weighs as little as 145 pounds, while a front-loading machine of just 2.2 cubic feet weighs 170 pounds. The top-loading Kenmore 22102 model, with a capacity of 3.6 cubic feet, weighs 121 pounds. Specific information on the weight of a washing machine is typically found on the side information panel of the appliance or on the manufacturer’s online product page, under the tab for “specifications.” The smallest capacity top-load machines, measuring 2.1 cubic feet or less, weigh 65 to 70 pounds. The average weight of washers with 3.0 to 4.0 cubic feet of capacity is 135 pounds. Medium-capacity top-loaders range from 140 to 150 pounds, and the largest capacity washers average 160 to 170 pounds. The type of material used to construct the washer and features like steamers or internal heaters also affect the machine’s weight.

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