What forms of metal do you accept?

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All Forms Including:

1. Bar- a relatively long, straight, rigid piece of solid metal.

2. Cast- metal poured into a mold and allowed to cool. Has a bumpy appearance.

3. Clip- small pieces of metal that cut off when trimming metal.

4. Contaminated- impure or unclean by contact or mixture with other metals or pollutants.

5. Clean- free from foreign matter or pollution. Pollution can come in the form of other metals, plastic, dirt, moisture, oil, etc.

6. Extrusion- the byproduct of the process of making a shaped object, such as a rod or tube, by forcing metal into a mold.

7. Film- a thin, flexible, transparent sheet.

8. Foil- metal in the form of very thin sheets; like aluminum foil. (not transparent)

9. Pipe- a hollow cylinder of metal used for the conveyance of water, gas, steam, petroleum, etc.

10. Plate- a smooth, flat relatively thin piece of metal of uniform thickness. Often forming part of a machine or a piece of metal on which something is engraved or used as a printing surface.

11. Prepared- in pieces 3 ft by 2 ft or smaller.

12. Unprepared- in pieces larger than 3 ft by 2ft.

13. Rod- a thin straight piece or bar of metal.

14. Screen- a sieve or other mesh-like device made of metal wire and used to separate smaller particles or objects from larger ones, as for grain or sand.

15. Sheet- a broad, thin, usually rectangular mass or piece of metal 1/8th in. or less.

16. Shells- metallic cartridge or hard, protecting or enclosing case or cover.

17. Slag- the refuse of a smelted metal or ore; also called cinder. Consists mostly of siliceous and aluminous impurities from iron ore.

18. Sludge- a mixture of some finely powdered metal and water (or some other source of moisture).

19. Solids- pieces of metals with a definite shape and no hollows.

20. Tubing-a hollow, usually cylindrical body of metal, especially one that conveys a fluid or functions as a passage.

21. Turnings- shavings produced in shaping metal on a lathe, or a machine for shaping a piece of metal.

22. Wire (bare) – wire that has been stripped of its covering to be clean of everything but metal.

23. Wire (insulated) – wire that is still wrapped in its protective covering.

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