Birmingham Recycle USA, Inc. Providing Tungsten Carbide Recycling Services

A t Recycle USA, Inc., we have precise and accurate weight / price averages on Tungsten Carbide Recycling.
We can also buy the items listed to the right or other material such as Stainless, Copper, Brass, Wire, etc., on a per pound basis as per customer request, if preferred.

Tungsten is used in several alloying processes, including steel production but is most popular for being alloyed with carbon to make a high temperature and high wear resistant product known as Tungsten Carbide. This is the strongest known metal and will have the highest melting point of any other element next to only carbon alone.

Melting this product you will need well over 6,000 degrees making this an excellent element when needing a west resistant product.

Over 60% of Tungsten used in the U.S. is used to make Tungsten Carbide. Uses include cutting and drilling tools. Another use for Tungsten is filaments in light bulbs. Tungsten Carbide usually has a recycling value that exceeds most other more common metals.

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