Birmingham Recycle USA, Inc. Providing Lead Recycling Services

Recycle USA, Inc. paying pay top prices for lead. Please call for current pricing.  Lead is toxic to human health and the environment. Lead has been banned in products like paint, water pipes and gasoline.  Although concerns about lead are continually growing it is still a very useful product and used in items such as solder, x-ray shields, wheel balance weights, car batteries and used in alloying.

Fishing weights and bullets are often made of lead but some lawmakers want to ban this product too, believing this is contaminating water and fish. Lead often holds little cash value but it is very important that lead products do not end up in landfills. Human health concerns have led to regulations to protect contamination from this element. More info on lead dangers and where unknown hazards could be found .

Common Lead products and recycling terms

Hard lead, soft lead, wheel weights, pewter (mostly black tin), 10/90 solder (10% tin), 30/70 solder (30% tin), 40/60 solder (40% tin), 50/50 solder (50% tin), 60/40 solder (60% tin and 63/37 solder (63% tin)

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