Birmingham Recycle USA, Inc. Providing Mixed Gauges’ Wire Recycling Services

Recycle USA, Inc. accepting Mixed Gauges’ Wire scrap.

#1 ICW(Insulated Copper Wire) Large MCM or Heavy Gage Wire: This wire has excellent recovery and usually is very close in price with #2 copper. Common size is ranged from 100 MCM to 1000 MCM, 100 being the smallest.#1 ICWThere is a wide range of electrical wire that may be classified as #1 insulated. Included is any wire that has strands the size of a 12 gauge solid strand wire or larger and has the defined recycling market recovery. Often 1 through 6 AWG will qualify along with 10 and 12 AWG solid strand wire.

#2 ICW: As mentioned with #1 insulated and the wide range of different wire types, there is even a wider range with #2 insulated. Most all wire that has smaller strands than a 12 AWG solid wire or a less defined recovery than #1 insulated will be #2 insulated. This includes but not limited to 8 through 12 AWG stranded and any 14 through 30 AWG wire. Most telecommunication wire will also be placed into #2 insulated such as cat4, cat5, cat6 and other ethernet and standard phone cords. Another example of #2 insulated are most 110 outlet cords and extension cords. There is #2 high, #2 medium and #2 low in this category.

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