What is Auto Salvage?

The act of processing a vehicle for recycling, crushing, scrapping or disposal

What do you mean when you say “Alloy”?

“An alloy is any mixture of 2 or more base metals melted together so that their atoms are fused into a new aggregate molecule usually designed to achieve some new metallurgical property, such as the example of several dozen specific alloys of stainless steel being the mixture chromium, nickel, & iron to achieve an alloy that will not rust under normal conditions; thus the moniker “Stainless”.”

Is it worth the effort?

You set a good example, clean up the community, conserve energy, help the local economy, help the environment, & get paid more money than most people expect to do it! And once you’re here, we’ll have you Weighed, Paid & On your Way in about 15 minutes — We think its well worth it.

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to sell scrap metal?
Not necessarily, but you will need an US government issued ID
Can I sell scrap metal to you? Do I need any papers or a special license?

No special license required — Just a valid US government issued ID