[toggle style=”toggle_box” status=”closed” title=”Automotive Recycling”] [p]The efficient, ecological disposal of inoperable motor vehicles and reclaiming reusable parts and components. C.A.R.[/p] [/toggle]
[toggle status=”closed” title=”Certified Automotive Recycler”] [p]A designation awarded by ARA to recyclers who meet a set of standards for general business practices, and environmental and safety issues.[/p] [/toggle]
[toggle status=”closed” title=”Car Salvage Value”] [p]The amount of money a junk, wrecked or total loss vehicle is worth to a seller or the value of the parts and recycled metal to a vehicle processor[/p] [/toggle]
[toggle status=”closed” title=”Dismantle | Dismantled”] [p]To take a used vehicle apart for the purpose of reclaiming usable parts. Dismantling takes place in a dismantling bay.[/p] [/toggle]
[toggle status=”closed” title=”Electronic Parts”] [p]* In late-model vehicles. Includes electronic fuel or ignition systems, computer boards[/p] [/toggle]
[toggle status=”closed” title=”Fluid Recovery System”] [p]* The system the automotive recycler has set up to collect and recycle or dispose of the fluids remaining in salvage vehicles in an environmentally-responsible fashion.[/p] [/toggle]
[toggle status=”closed” title=”Junk Car Removal”] [p]A term commonly used to locate a company who will tow your junk car away for processing[/p] [/toggle]
[toggle status=”closed” title=”Junk Cars for Money”] [p]A term commonly used to locate or describe a business which pays people for junk and salvageable vehicles[/p] [/toggle]
[toggle status=”closed” title=”Junkyard”] [p]see also Junk Yard A term commonly used to describe a business who’s main operation is the dismantling of vehicle into components to be sold as used parts and/or scrap metal.[/p] [/toggle]
[toggle status=”closed” title=”L.K.Q. Parts”] [p]* Like kind and quality. Describes replacement parts that are of the same quality as the original prior to an accident. LKQ parts can be new, OEM replacement, or recycled parts.[/p] [/toggle]
[toggle status=”closed” title=”Parts Car”] [p]A car dismantled into usable parts to be sold or reused.[/p] [/toggle]
[toggle status=”closed” title=”Recycle Car”] [p]*The efficient, ecological disposal of inoperable motor vehicles and reclaiming reusable parts and components.[/p] [/toggle]
[toggle status=”closed” title=”Remanufactured Parts”] [p]* Used hard parts that have been reconditioned to the same quality as new.[/p] [/toggle]
[toggle status=”closed” title=”Salvage Yard”] [p]A facility which processes vehicles for salvage.[/p] [/toggle]
[toggle status=”closed” title=”Scrap Cars for Cash”] [p]A term commonly used by the public to describe a business which pays money for vehicles which have reached the end of their life and have little value for their hard parts and are therefore sold for the vale of their metal contents.[/p] [/toggle]
[toggle status=”closed” title=”Scrap Value”] [p]Similar to scrap prices – the worth of a vehicles metal contents.[/p] [/toggle]
[toggle status=”closed” title=”Totaled Vehicle”] [p]* A determination made by an insurance company when the cost of repair plus the salvage value is greater than the car’s Blue Book value.[/p] [/toggle]
[toggle status=”closed” title=”We Buy Junk Cars”] [p]A term commonly used to locate a company which pays cash for junk and salvageable vehicles.[/p] [/toggle]