[fancybox title=”Automotive Recycling Requirements” color=”green” ]

  1. Receiving hours for automobiles are: Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  2. We do not accept cars on Saturday. unless otherwise approved by management.
  3. Must have signed, clear title for 1990 and newer model vehicles.
  4. Must have either signed, clear title or notarized bill of sale for all vehicles 1975 – 1989 (must be able to feel raised seal, notary public signature required, date signed, as well as valid commission date).
  5. Bill of Sale must have valid signatures and vehicle identification number.
  6. All gas tanks must be removed prior to arrival at Recycle USA, Inc. Tanks can not be attached. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  7. All fluids must be drained from motor and transmission (We will check upon arrival. Be sure that a dipstick is available to check fluids or you could possibly be turned away.)
  8. Battery must be removed
  9. No trash, wood or scrap inside of vehicle or trunk. Must be able to see to floor pan of vehicle.
  10. All tires must go back with you. We do not buy tires.
  11. No roll bars or roll cages inside vehicles.

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