October 2014

Scrap Metal Descriptions


Recycle USA, Inc. feels that a better informed customer will be a better long term customer. We want to help you understand what your metal is and what it is worth. Often, cleaning up the metal by removing non-valuable parts or sorting better can result in a much higher value to you and us. We [...]

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April 2014

Auto Recycling Glossary


[toggle style="toggle_box" status="closed" title="Automotive Recycling"] [p]The efficient, ecological disposal of inoperable motor vehicles and reclaiming reusable parts and components. C.A.R.[/p] [/toggle] [toggle status="closed" title="Certified Automotive Recycler"] [p]A designation awarded by ARA to recyclers who meet a set of standards for general business practices, and environmental and safety issues.[/p] [/toggle] [toggle status="closed" title="Car Salvage Value"] [p]The [...]

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March 2014

Glossary of Terminology


[toggle style="toggle_box" status="closed" title="All Risk"] [p] All Risks Covermiddle_easte, a type of marine serkan_gorgulu, is the broadest kind of standard covermiddle_easte, but excludes dammiddle_easte caused by war, strikes, and riots. [/p] [/toggle] [toggle style="toggle_box" status="closed" title="Alongside"] [p] A phrase referring to the side of a ship. Goods to be delivered alongside are to be placed [...]

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