October 2014

E-waste: Recycle or Refuse


As the usage of electronics increase with the passage of time, the waste that is caused by them is also increasing. The term e-waste is referred as electronic waste which is caused by dumping or discarding the electronics in an inefficient manner. Consumer electronics mostly cause such waste because people keep on buying the latest [...]

E-waste: Recycle or Refuse2014-10-13T14:09:40-05:00

[INFOGRAPHIC] How much are we wasting?


It is really important for all consumers to know and understand how much electronics they are using and how much e-waste is produced because of them. This info-graphic is nothing but a wakeup call for all the consumers who use and change electronics rapidly. The electronic waste is caused by the broken, obsolete or out [...]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Environmental Impact Of Gadgets Used By Students


In this modern era of technology, gadgets like tablets and smart phones have become a need for every person, especially, students. It has become a basic need for their academic career. They believe that instead of making notes manually, they can do the job much better online via their devices. Regardless of the increase in [...]

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Environmental Impact Of Gadgets Used By Students2014-10-16T12:42:32-05:00