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Recycling Acts & Stats

April 2014

Aluminum Recycling Interesting Facts


Discovered in the 1820s, aluminum is the most abundant metal on earth. Over 50 percent of the aluminum cans produced are recycled. A used aluminum can is recycled and back on the grocery shelf as a new can, in as little as 60 days. Aluminum is a durable and sustainable metal: two-thirds of the aluminum [...]

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March 2014

Magnet Test


[fancybox title="Take The Magnet Test" color="green" ] Take a magnet (could be one right off of your fridge!) Take a magnet (could be one right off of your fridge!) If the magnet sticks, then the material is steel and is worth very little but Recycle USA, Inc. will throw it into a steel dumpster to [...]

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Alabama Electronics Recycling Law


Requirements for Alabama: [icon_list] [icon icon_name="icon-legal"] Payment Restrictions in Effect.[/icon] [icon icon_name="icon-legal"] Capture fingerprints from customers.[/icon] [icon icon_name="icon-legal"] Video of yard activity is required.[/icon] [icon icon_name="icon-legal"] Tag and Hold policies in effect.[/icon] [icon icon_name="icon-legal"] Retain a copy of the driver's license.[/icon] [icon icon_name="icon-legal"] Record the customer's license plate number and/or vehicle description.[/icon] [icon icon_name="icon-legal"] Take [...]

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February 2014

Electronics Recycling Fact


“According to the EPA, recycling just one computer CPU and one monitor is equivalent to preventing 1.35 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from being released and recycling one television prevents four to eight pounds of lead from being added to the waste stream.”

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June 2013

Scrap Specifications Circular


The Scrap Specifications Circular provides guidelines for buying and selling a variety of processed scrap commodities, including ferrous, nonferrous, paper, plastics, electronics, rubber, and glass. Notes 1. This is the most recent version of the Scrap Specifications Circular. The Circular's publication is based on updates made by the ISRI Board of Directors, not by calendar year. 2. The Scrap Specifications Circular is available [...]

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