March 2019

Is It Worth The Effort?


You set a good example, clean up the community, conserve energy, help the local economy, help the environment, & get paid more money than most people expect to do it! And once you’re here, we’ll have you Weighed, Paid & On your Way in about 15 minutes — We think its well worth it. [...]

Is It Worth The Effort?2019-03-21T17:42:49-05:00

I Had Some Metal Stolen, What Should I Do?


Call the police to report your material stolen and then CONTACT US. The faster we are made aware of your theft, the best chance we have to identify the materials if they are brought in.

I Had Some Metal Stolen, What Should I Do?2019-03-21T17:37:06-05:00

What Do You Mean When You Say “Alloy”?


“An alloy is any mixture of 2 or more base metals melted together so that their atoms are fused into a new aggregate molecule usually designed to achieve some new metallurgical property, such as the example of several dozen specific alloys of stainless steel being the mixture chromium, nickel, & iron to achieve an alloy [...]

What Do You Mean When You Say “Alloy”?2019-03-21T17:35:37-05:00