It is really important for all consumers to know and understand how much electronics they are using and how much e-waste is produced because of them. This info-graphic is nothing but a wakeup call for all the consumers who use and change electronics rapidly. The electronic waste is caused by the broken, obsolete or out of date electronics that we throw away or dump into the landfills. These electronics range from cell phones, TVs, videogames, desktop computers, laptops and cameras, etc.

Moreover, the infographic tells us how frequently are the above mentioned electronics replaced. Cell phones are only device that people use and change the most and almost $120 is spent on the electronics every month. An almost 50m metric ton of electronics is wasted every year and out of this whole lot, only 18% maximum is recycled which is apparently a very nominal rate. This is equal to throwing away around 125,000 fully loaded Boeing 747s per year. Now this should be an eye-opener for everyone because it requires immediate action to be taken against it.

While other types of wastes are decreasing, e-waste is something that is rapidly increasing in the municipal waste stream. These electronics consist of different resources within themselves like gold, silver, iron, titanium, aluminum, copper and different fossil fuels. If these electronics are recycled properly then these resources won’t even get wasted and can be utilized or reused positively and efficiently.

Effective measures need to be taken against this matter as it has become a serious issue causing harm not only to the environment but also to the well-being of humans.