Do you care about where your electronic equipment end up once you have conveniently disposed them off away from your close proximity? The whole reality to the treatment of e-waste is an ugly tale of indifference, ignorance and lack of concern on part of the authorities as well as the common man.

The e-waste that is so innocuously disposed off by us has very serious implications that reach far beyond our imagination. The waste disposed by the people in countries like America and Canada is shipped off to poor countries where it is ruthlessly dumped in vacant lands where it starts to spread toxics and turns the area into a wasteland rendering it useless.

Eventually, it becomes a menace to the environment, affecting each one of us on a personal as well as social level. Since there are no particular rules in place governing proper disposal and treatment of waste in these regions, it becomes a true detriment to the society that needs to be closely watched and controlled.

The following infographic depicts for you some of the most startling facts about e-waste and how it lashes back at us…

Shades of Green: Where is all the E-waste Going?