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Birmingham’s Recycle USA, Inc. Providing Radiator Recycling Services

Birmingham’s Recycle USA, Inc. Paying Top Prices for Radiators

Recycle USA, Inc. pays cash for scrap radiators of all types, whether from a small car or large truck. We recommend removing any plastic from the sides–that way you can sell your radiator as a clean piece of material and make a little more money!

Aluminium Services

Most consumer metal products are alloyed to match an industry precision that defines hardness, texture and strength. The alloy varies from product to product. Although you’ll find hundreds of different aluminium products, less than 50 common recycling terms exist. Purity and demand will determine the price given for each aluminium product. Aluminium recycling provides many environmental, economic and community benefits to individuals, communities, organizations, companies and industries.

ASCR (Aluminium Conductors Steel Reinforced) conductor is used for river crossings, overhead and ground wire installations or also used just as a ground wire.

Casting alloys containing more than 5% foreign material are divided into high or low recovery. This item is commonly found in aluminium engines and transmission parts but also used in other products.

Common to be a 7000 series with zinc as the principal alloying element. You may find some truck bumpers to be a 5052 alloy with magnesium being the principal alloying element.

As a new pre consumer product this is a 1100 alloy, once used it is known as UBC (used beverage can) or RBF-UBC.

Cast aluminium can be produced using several different casting processes that include sand, permanent mold, die, lost foam, or squeeze. Common products will be found with engine parts, transmissions as well as other not so common products. Cast can be bought as clean as long as all foreign material has been removed, if not it could be bought as a breakage.
A very common mix of 1100, 3003, 3004, 5005, 5052, 6061 and 6063. This mixture of alloys may also be found with aluminium MLC. This is can be familiarized as an aluminium product with a sheet like appearance, free of any foreign elements.
This category is for almost all alloys of sheet aluminium that contain a small amount of foreign element. Common material would be sheet aluminium that may have screws, nails or a small amount of plastic. This can include lawn chairs, rain gutter, siding and other sheet aluminium products. Aluminium EC Wire A common conductor found in different gauged wire that is shielded with a rubber or plastic outer layer. The aluminium used in most of this product is no less than 99.5% pure giving it a high value if it’s stripped of it’s outer shield.

Aluminium extrusions will commonly be found in the alloys of 6061 and 6063. Using magnesium and silicon in various proportions to form magnesium silicon thus, creating a heat treatable aluminium alloy with durable strength. Common uses include ladders, window frames, and screen doors. Aluminium Foil This familiar household product is also recyclable and like a beverage can this is also 1100 alloy but because of the thinness not all of the aluminium is recovered in the smelting process, dramatically affecting the price of this material.

This is commonly used in printing shops and usually has better value over other aluminium. The alloy is either 1100 or 3003 but most likely 3003. Manganese is the major alloying element.
As with clips this is a very common mix of 1100, 3003, 3004, 5005, 5052, 6061 and 6063. Unlike clips, MLC is usually the thick solids instead of the thin clean sheets. MLC is the initials for mixed low copper.
Any sheet or clip aluminium that has been contaminated with paint will be bought in this category unless the paint is unusually thick or contains other foreign material, then the material will have to be downgraded.
You will find an aluminium radiator in most modern cars. These are purchased for recycling with or without the plastic ends, of course increasing the value by removing the plastic.

Usually a 6061 alloy and found on most modern cars.

Bond Thermo bond is usually bonded by two pieces of extrusion with a thermo adhesive, creating a better insulation around windows and doors. This type of material must be kept separated from other extrusions.
Turnings or shavings are usually found at machine shops and left after drilling holes into a block or sheet of aluminium. These turnings have less value than aluminium sheet because recovery is less in the smelting processes and also more likely to be contaminated with oil used for cooling the drilling tools.

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Recycle USA, Inc. is not your standard scrap yard. Beautifully landscaped with palm trees, located on our state-of-the-art 34-acre processing facility dedicated to the new iron processing facility with state of the art metal processing equipment on order, our Customers feel as if they have entered a Miami garden. We love metal and it shows!