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Birmingham’s Recycle USA, Inc. Providing Yellow Brass a/k/a Plumbers Brass Recycling Services

Birmingham’s Recycle USA, Inc. Paying Top Prices for Yellow Brass a/k/a Plumbers Brass

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t Recycle USA, Inc., we have precise and accurate weight / price averages on Brass Recycling.  Most common is yellow brass known as plumbers brass.

We can also buy the items listed to the right or other material such as Stainless, Copper, Brass, Wire, etc., on a per pound basis as per customer request, if preferred.

Our brass recycling service provides brass recycling of all forms & alloys. We provide brass recycling of yellow brass, red brass, rod brass, aluminum brass & forms such as radiators, fired bullet shells, valves, water meters etc.

At Recycle USA, we provide brass recycling of other forms including shop turnings/chips, solids, cut offs, rejects, etc.

Our scrap brass buyers will design services that are custom tailored to provide the best options to recycle your brass scrap. We will develop a customized brass recycling program that is best suited to your company’s brass scrap collecting and brass recycling requirements.

We analyze your range of brass recycling needs, your volume of brass scrap produced and brass alloy type “Yellow brass, Red brass, Aluminum Brass etc.” Then consider what kind of brass recycling program pays to recycle your brass scrap. Using this data, our scrap brass buyers can determine how best to process your brass scrap and help you maximize your return from your scrap. Questions? Contact us!

Brass Recycling Services

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