Meet The Team

Continued success of Recycle USA, Inc. is Accredited to It’s Dedicated Employees.

Recycle USA, Inc., owned by Tom Fisher, employs over forty people and has been in business since 1995. By staying up to date on and complying with government regulations, adhering to responsible safety and environmental practices and applying “The Golden Rule” in everything we do, our customers receive reliable service, competitive prices, timely payment and freedom from worry about liability.

Thomas Fisher
Thomas FisherOwner & Founder
Tom Fisher, owner operator, has over 30 years’ experience in the metals recycling industry. He prides himself with the companies support of the local community, environment, and is dedicated to ensuring legal and safe recycling practices. Tom is currently the Treasurer of the Alabama Recycling Association.
Tony Gomez
Tony GomezOperations Manager
Tony Gomez has been employed with Recycle USA, Inc. since 1995 when he transitioned to Alabama from Ohio with his brother-in-law Tom Fisher.

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