If you are looking to sell scrap metal in Alabama to your scrap yard, it’s important to know the current scrap metal laws in the state so you know how to bring your materials in and how you will be paid.

Summary of Alabama Scrap Laws:

  • Records: Scrap Yards in Alabama must keep records of transactions at their facility for a minimum of one year.
  • Payment Restrictions: Alabama scrap yards will not pay cash for the following items: copper, air conditioners, or parts of catalytic converters that are more than $50. Also they will not pay cash for other transactions over $500. Checks will be mailed to the recorded address of the sell or can be picked up.
  •  Tag & Hold: There is a 15-day tag-and-hold policy for scrap yards when law officials have notified them.
  •  License Plate & Vehicle Info: Scrap yards must record information and keep record of the license plate and vehicle type of all sellers.
  • Photo & Video: There must be a recorded photo & video of the seller at the scrap yard, as well as photo of the materials being sold for scrap.
  • ID Records: Scrap yards must keep a record of the scrap seller identification, which can include a driver’s license or state issued ID.