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Specializing In The Processing Of  Ferrous And Non Ferrous Metals.

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Recycle USA, Inc. can help you turn your waste metal into profit. We offer highly competitive prices even in low volumes. You also have to be confident that we’re paying you correctly by weight, so we have accurate weighbridges with visible scales and CCTV monitoring.

Whether your company is a manufacturer, a contractor, an auto repair shop, or just about any business that regularly deals with metal waste, recycling can help your bottom line. However, the company you choose to sell your scrap metal to can make all the difference.

Why Are We The Best?

  • Best Prices On All Scrap Metal.

  • Open to Everyone.

  • Photo/Video Evidence and CoDs Available.

  • Honest Service

  • Immediate Payment.

  • Quick Turnaround

  • Full Paper Trail If Required.

Who Do We Buy From?

  • The short answer is everyone, but here are a few examples:

  • Plumbers

  • Electricians

  • Ground Workers

  • Demolition Contractors

  • The Motor Trade

  • Local Government Service Providers

  • General Public

  • Local Trades and Business

  • Builders

  • Fabricators

  • Farmers

  • Construction Industry

  • Manufacturers

  • Scrap Merchants

Recycle USA, Inc. also offers industrial services and total waste management services for businesses. We can adapt our service to your specific operation and compliance needs, and handle scrap metal you generate, in any quantity, from a one-off clearance project, to a waste disposal contract handling several thousand tonnes. We have a vast range of skips, bins, and containers and a fleet of vehicles for easy collection.

Household Recycling Near Me

Household Recycling

We all have items in our homes that can be recycled.  Old Aluminum cans, Car Batteries, Electrical Cords, Plumbing Fixtures and dozens of other things.  Recycle USA, Inc. makes the process of recycling these items easy for anyone to do.

Industrial Recycling

Recycle USA, Inc. provides industrial recycling services for your company’s distribution center, warehouse or production facility, helping you to reach your zero waste goals and with a focus on solving hard to recycle materials.

Public Truck Scales

Recycle USA, Inc.’s Recycling Center has a public truck scale for our customers and the general public. All of our scales are serviced frequently to ensure you the most accurate weight of the items you bring in.

Scrap With Us!

Recycle USA, Inc. Provides Services For All Your Scrap Metal Needs.

Recycle USA, Inc. never loses sight of the fact that, no matter what high-tech equipment emerges, it is their unmatched service and competitive prices that keep their customers coming back year after year.
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