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January 2019

Scrap Metal Laws In Alabama


If you are looking to sell scrap metal in Alabama to your scrap yard, it’s important to know the current scrap metal laws in the state so you know how to bring your materials in and how you will be paid.Summary of Alabama Scrap Laws:Records: Scrap Yards in Alabama must keep records of transactions at their [...]

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March 2014

Alabama Electronics Recycling Law


Requirements for Alabama: [icon_list] [icon icon_name="icon-legal"] Payment Restrictions in Effect.[/icon] [icon icon_name="icon-legal"] Capture fingerprints from customers.[/icon] [icon icon_name="icon-legal"] Video of yard activity is required.[/icon] [icon icon_name="icon-legal"] Tag and Hold policies in effect.[/icon] [icon icon_name="icon-legal"] Retain a copy of the driver's license.[/icon] [icon icon_name="icon-legal"] Record the customer's license plate number and/or vehicle description.[/icon] [icon icon_name="icon-legal"] Take [...]

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