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November 2014

How kids can help solve the e-waste problem


How many electronic gadgets does your family have? What’s your favorite electronic gadget? An iPad? Video game? TV? How many gadgets does your family use? Would you believe that the average home has 24 electronic products! Do you ever think about what happens to these gadgets when you are done with them? When you stop [...]

How kids can help solve the e-waste problem2015-01-30T17:06:46-06:00

October 2014

Laptop Recycling for Beginners!


They say old is gold. Well, there isn’t much to argue about because even a tech geek can extract a lot of valuable stuff out of his old, worn out, computers and laptops. Once a laptop stops working, it is discarded in a regular bin. Those who opt for the careless option, not only choose [...]

Laptop Recycling for Beginners!2014-10-13T12:57:30-05:00

Top Most Benefits of LCD Monitor Recycling


One of the best environmental friendly practices is the proper – and I mean ‘proper’ – recycling of old monitors and LCD screens which need an upgrade or downright replacement. Now most people think that just throwing out the decrepit stuff is enough to keep their personal space empty and clean. This approach is essentially [...]

Top Most Benefits of LCD Monitor Recycling2014-10-13T12:51:31-05:00